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    About an hour and 40-something minutes ago I was causully doing my job attempting to extract the mounting brackets from decommissioned seismological GPS devices. Of course, I was given a hammer to help me deal with the more stubborn brackets that were stuck to the devices. One of them I'm particular was quite stubborn, not reacting to hits, WD-40 or anything else. So I start getting enraged and began bashing that piece of stubborn rusty junk as hard as possible with my hammer and after a few hits I see the hammer's head TOOK FLIGHT. That load of trash flew a couple of meters into the air and landed at the other end of the lab. It could have flow into my head and killed me, but I guess I'm lucky. I also tried to, as I couldn't access the glue, use silicone rubber (apparently it has the "serious health hazard" symbol) to try and fix the hammer... Hopefully I survive this otherwise satisfying job maintaining seismology equipment.
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    01-15-2020 07:44 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Yikes! I had no idea that job involves so many hazards. Stay safe.
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    01-15-2020 08:41 PM
  3. anon(10181084)'s Avatar
    Yikes! I had no idea that job involves so many hazards. Stay safe.
    It wasn't even really supposed to be hazardous. I lost it at the stubborn bracket and maybe hit too hard. But the higher-ups get the luxury tasks like flashing firmware etc... LOL. I wish better quality hammers (like ones made out of a single piece of metal) existed.
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    01-15-2020 10:14 PM

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