1. cardboard60's Avatar
    Why don't anybody make a spam program that you can totally block spam in google mail.
    I get at least 100 spam mail everyday from all over the U.S.
    And some RU addresses.
    They have women from 21 to 35 wanting to meet me.
    Or somebody wanting to sell me a service.
    I have them where they are filtered, and go to trash.
    But I don't even want them in my gmail account.
    I do bill pay on my Macbook.
    04-04-2020 06:47 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You mean Gmail itself isn't catching most of these and automatically sending them to the Spam inbox?
    04-04-2020 07:30 PM
  3. me just saying's Avatar
    there is a free utility called mailwasher that will auto delete most known spam before it gets to your computer. I used it years ago when I download my emails - it was one of the few I actually purchased the pro version.


    you can just leave your email online and not download it to your computer. that is what I do now.
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    04-04-2020 07:35 PM
  4. cardboard60's Avatar
    Can't get mail washer to set up.

    I used it years ago.

    Seems google blocked it.
    04-04-2020 08:02 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Sorry, I just realized you already said your spam is being filtered automatically.
    04-04-2020 09:13 PM
  6. cardboard60's Avatar
    I don't want it coming to my computer period.
    Tired of deleting 100 plus emails a day.
    And I don't want them on my computer or phone.
    04-05-2020 04:30 AM
  7. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    The biggest problem with spam filtering is the way most try to find it.
    Most spam filters try to analyze the contents of the email to judge its worthiness.
    The more reliable method is to judge where it is from, usually using IP block lists. Unfortunately, IP block lists tend to be a religious debate.

    All that said, I find that Outlook.com and Yahoo.com and Gmail.com all seem to do reasonably well with spam filtering. The trick is to assist them in the training of the filters by marking the mistakes as "spam/not-spam" as needed.
    07-13-2020 02:58 PM
  8. BergerKing's Avatar
    I simplified things about 6 years ago after a diarrheal flood of spam poured into my Yahoo inbox. I created two Gmail accounts, and directed my important accounts to Gmail, which did a far better job of handling spam from the get-go. I dedicated one account to my Mobile Nations traffic, which is quite extensive by itself, especially as a Moderator, and left all the happy crapola on Yahoo.

    Doing everything on one account will drive you nuts, given the opportunity to let it do so. Each account has a different notification unique to it, as well, so I know what needs to be checked, and what isn't pressing.
    07-13-2020 08:42 PM
  9. cardboard60's Avatar
    Everybody i know is getting the same spam.

    I get texts to my phone.

    I block them.
    Mark as spam
    And gonon.

    Had my email address way to long.

    Already called a couple of dealerships, and eat a dudes butt out for spamming me.
    07-15-2020 06:08 AM
  10. bkdodger2's Avatar
    I know you don't want them altogether...if I empty spam folder on phone I then don't see them on my computer ...
    07-15-2020 07:32 AM

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