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    Bob writes,

    Thinking of doing a system rest and I have two questions.
    Is there any harm in doing this multiple times over the life of the phone?
    Is there any difference in doing a system reset from the settings menu
    vs the bootloader screen?

    Alexander from Austria writes,

    I am a proud owner of an HTC Desire. Since froyo I checked "auto update" on every app because ... well... why the hell not? BUT now I have problem.

    I am going on Vacation to the US in mid. October and will stay there for 3 weeks. Of course I will use my android baby during that time. Mostly on wifi - but sometimes on 3G too. But now I am afraid of apps auto-updating in the background, because on roaming - every megabyte costs - well - A LOT!

    Is there a way to disable auto-updating during my holiday (or restrict it to wifi only) or do I have to change EVERY single app back to normal.

    Jason writes,

    I'm using a droid with 2.2. I use google voice for my text messages, google talk for im, and gmail for my email. Is there an app I can get that will consolidate all my communication?

    Michael writes,

    I'm looking at getting the T-Mobile G2. Looks like the rumors are that it will have a 800 mhz processor. Will this be very comparable to a 1 ghz processor in terms of speed?

    Maneesh in Australia writes,

    I am based in Sydney and own a Nexus One. Lately I have been having an issue with Google Talk on the phone (and it seems I am not the only one). I am unable to receive any incoming messages while out going messages still work. I installed another client lime Meeboo and that is able to receive the incoming messages via GTalk service.

    This only started happenig in the last 10 days or so.

    There is a thread on the google site but it seems Google is not doing anything about it and I was wondering if anyone over at AC has seen this or maybe take our story to Google for their comments?

    B Jordan writes,

    I recently ordered a 32gb MicroSD card to replace the 8gb one I have in my Evo. Is there an easy way to copy all the content from my 8gb card to the 32gb card? I'm assuming it's not as easy as just coping all the files over to the new card. Especially considering I have several apps running off the SD card. If I do a straight copy I figure I'll run into file permissions issues as well as other issues.

    Brandon writes,

    When you talk about battery life, what exactly is heavy usage? I have a droid X and I can easily go through an entire battery just listing to podcasts all night at work using bluetooth. What do you suggest to fix this problem, since there's not really an extended battery for it just yet, (1750 mAh) is the largest I've seen, but I want bigger. Love the show, Jerry is the best.
    09-02-2010 05:07 PM