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    Terry writes,

    I finally persuaded my wife to let me load a custom ROM on her Sprint Hero because she was tired of the slow speed. I rooted it and put cyanogen rom on. Everything was fine until she got a voicemail. There is no voicemail app on the rom. The only way to know if there is a message is the text message sent by sprint telling her to call her phone number. I tried getting her a Google voice account, but the phone wouldn't let me apply the voicemail forwarding, even after entering the long number string from the Voice site. I tried many other ROMs from xda, but we don't like the look of the only rom I found that has a voice mail app.
    What can I do to remedy this?

    Matthew writes,

    I travel a ton for my job and have an 11 month old son at home. The idea of getting a device with a front facing camera couldn't be more appealing to me since i could see my son without having to get back to hotel and hook up my webcam to my laptop. I'm on Verizon and am able to upgrade my phone in October, although i doubt the new HTC will be released by then. Any chance we see it in 2010? The new HTC is available by the end of November? I'm not sure I could sit it out any longer than that, especially with the slew of great devices available on VZW.

    Laura writes,

    I just bought an LG Ally, and like it, but cant get on a website because it doesnt have Adobe Flash. Will it get it any time soon, or should I return it and buy another phone?.

    Kyle writes,

    The last podcast had a caller that asked about his apps auto-updating while he was on vacation/traveling/etc, and that he was worried about the data charges he would ensue. You guys on the show mentioned unchecking the auto-update box in each app, or to use Titanium (I believe that's what the app was called) to backup the apps and later restore them.

    Under Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks, couldn't you just make sure that Data roaming is unchecked? I believe mine is unchecked by default; I have a Motorola Droid and just assume that this is a stock feature. Would this help prevent all those charges for the caller?
    09-09-2010 08:40 PM