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    Timothy writes,

    I am a college student who currently owns a Palm Lifedrive PDA (3.9" HVGA screen [That's 320*480 Phil], PalmOS 5.4, SDcard slot, and a 4 gig microdrive for storage). I'd keep using this device were it not for two reasons:

    1. It doesn't sync with my desktop anymore.
    2. My bank only supports Android and iOS devices for mobile banking.

    I am looking at replacing this device with something new, but on my current budget I can't afford to get a cell phone data plan (plus I'm quite happy with my current cell service). Buying an unlocked Android phone and just not using it as a phone is quite tempting, but way too expensive. With a budget of just $250 what is the best Android-based PDA either currently on the market or planed to be on the market by the end of the year, and why should I buy it over an iPod Touch 4? Or should I wait until after CES and see what comes out?

    Dan writes,

    Is there an unzip app that works to unzip a gmail attachment or at least allows one to download a zip file from a gmail attachment to the sd card? I have a Droid2 running 2.2.

    Michael writes,

    I was wondering why my phone needs to support my network's 3G, but the EDGE network seems like it works on all the GSM phones? Why not 3G?
    Like the iPhone, unlocked it can't use T-Mobile 3G, but can use their 2G. Why?

    Colin writes,

    Love the podcast. My question is: do you have any information on whether the Motorola Droid X will ever be released as a GSM world (and Canada!) variant, like the Milestone for the Droid? Even the Milestone 2 has already been announced. Also, what about the Desire HD?

    Jay writes,

    I have an Evo 4g that has a screen discoloration issue and plan on having my phone replaced. My question is: When I eventually have my phone replaced and rooted, will I be able to Nand restore my image from my old Evo? Or will I have to start over?

    Stephen writes,

    When I dumped my BB Storm over a year and a half ago, I got a Droid, and now am rocking an Incredible. By the time you read this I'll have an X. The one thing I miss about my BB days is the ability to make folders on the App screen/drawer and put apps into them. I had one folder for utilities, like Speed test, No Lock, etc. One for games, one for media etc. This made finding apps much easier than scrolling down an endless page.

    Is there anyway of doing this on an Android phone? Is there an App for that?

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