1. jazzsalt's Avatar
    The quality of recent podcasts, while great from a content perspective have been borderline unlistenable given all that there is frequently presenters speaking over one another. The key culprit is Flo who seems incapable of letting anyone finish their sentence. Better podcast etiquette all round would make for a much improved listener experience.

    09-19-2016 04:50 PM
  2. Ivor Davies's Avatar
    Yeah, this is a constant annoyance but I don't think Florence is any worse than anyone else. I do note in podcast 308 that the panel members were at great pains not to talk over each other and Florence hardly did it at all.

    I have a problem with the audio quality on episode 309, I understand it was put together in a hurry as it was a special episode talking about the Pixel phones. Of course I am also using a podcast app from the Windows app store on my Windows PC. I suspect if I was listening to the same episode on an android device it would sound a lot less like it was coming from a toilet cubicle.
    10-10-2016 06:59 PM

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