1. nibras23's Avatar
    I've always enjoyed the AC podcast. It's genuinely one of my favourites.
    However, ever since Phil left, there has been a quite evident drop in quality. I mean this all around - the podcast content is worse put together, and the lack of any regulars from episode to episode is a little unfortunate.
    My biggest gripe though is that there doesn't even seem to be a proper schedule anymore. Episodes seem to come out whenever.
    I understand if podcasts aren't very lucrative for the website, or for whatever reason isn't at the top of the team's priority list. I remember when you folk stopped doing the live video podcasts (and I assume the inability to generate ad revenue from them played a part in that, and I understand if that is the case).
    However, I think everyone who is a fan of the show would appreciate some transparency regarding the matter - where AC is in regards to the podcast production, and where it plans to go.

    Thanks, and hopefully someone addresses this sooner rather than later.
    12-12-2016 12:48 AM