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    With google handwriting recognition, google now and google keep being a total success and nexus 6 on onehand already established as a relatively bloatware free one of the finest android phone i don't see what's stopping google from making a productivity and academic oriented student friendly affordable flagship nexus with a stylus. Yes i said the word stylus or digitizer based pen. They already have google scholar and google books...google search is every researcher and student's best friend.

    I own a note 3 neo myself but the amount of bloatware is making my otherwise amazing phone crawl, taking up ram ... 43 to 56 applications running on this little thing most of them inbuilt. And being just a student i really don't need knox security that comes bundled with samsung. Taking up further memory compartment.

    Samsung gives too much great stuff which a common bloke never needs and considers just unnecessary. S health and yahoo trade widget must have their uses for some people and they should keep it but i should have the freedom to delete it. The age-old argument that the bloatware base for the hardware doesn't apply here as samsung note series are an exception. Being the only pen based mobile manufacturer it is making people who are just buying it for the pen pay for the fancy premium things for which they never wanted those extra bells and whistles in the first place. Thus here the pen lovers suffer the "premium" bloatware - the bloatware that is supposed to bring the cost down for the high end customers - the same high end customer who will probably like something like shealth, samsung gear S conectivity and yahoo bussiness widget and won't consider these services bloatware at all.

    I think samsung has done great service to the android pen computing scenario with it's mighty spen. But one has to recognise in the age of smart watches, smartpocketnotepads what note series really is, are not exactly a niche market and there is acute derth of android pen based phones, which samsung is using as a near monopoly.

    Google should take a leaf from Microsoft, while lenovo and hp were competing to make easy lives of rich people even easier, softies at microsoft got tough and made surface pro3, not to overthrow their own oem's high end expensive beasts but to set the standards and give their vision to the industry, to make best thing u can at the conflunce of affordability, innovation, function and beauty - Surface pro3 (no bloatware at all) and windows 8 - with all it's flaws give the pure windows productivity experience because they are proud of it. thankfully proud enough not to lace it up with a touchwiz skin. Lenovo can never respect guys behind windows as much as their brothers at microsoft did.

    The same way it's on Google to lead and show the world everything that is awesome about pure android. As obviously Samsung htc and sony can't even wait to push their agenda and heavy handedness on consumers with their own gimmicky skins and bloatware. And nexus line is the surface pro of google - but will google ever come up with a nexus pen is yet to be seen.

    From messaging to music for every thing, i have atleast three apps which do the exact samething. One from Samsung one from google and one from the carrier and mostly non deletable.

    Except for the hardware i.e. spen, my most used apps in my phone donot come from samsung or the carrier. Hangouts for messaging, chrome for browsing, google maps, google books, calendar all come from google. And for all the greatness of snote i just directly use evernote (dictation) and onenote (for extracting text from images) as successive versions of snote don't have much intercompatibility.

    Spen is just rebranding of wacom pens. Thus actually in my so called touchwiz phone all the things i like are mostly google. That makes me feel the phone itself should have been a nexus (jotter/writer/ink wwhatever the branding ) but a nexus.

    And i don't think a tizen note is a possibility this year. But definitely after going the appleway (software and hardware both in house) samsung will get more consumerfriendly. I wish tizen does well.
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    07-02-2015 05:33 PM
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    Now that marshmallow now supports bluetooth stylus. May be this should fasttrack bluetooth stylus technology. Mass demand for bluetooth styli might now fasttrack development of bluetooth styli with less delay and more accuracy and precision. Who knows it might become as good as digitizer based solutions.
    03-22-2016 08:19 AM

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