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    I love the idea of pure android but the fact is even nexus line is not pure. It's more google than Android, You can not get rid of the google apps either from your nexus. Why can't google make all it's apps deletable except the google playstore? Yeah i know about Cyanogen Mod but thats not an official thing on any of the flag ships. There is something about official that gives hope of stability and trustworthiness to a product. Nexus is neither pure nor CLEAN. Clean as in Fairphone. For a company whose main motto is "Don't be evil", it's surprising that Google's Nexus line is not a conflict-free, fairtrade brand.

    So, can we get Pixel phone and pixel phone pro? That is-
    pure android,
    is high end in specs and price as well, not midrange,
    with only one Google app preinstalled on its first boot up i.e playstore,
    and Most importantly which is certified conflict-free and fair-trade.

    Nexus is not manufactured by Google very unlike Pixel C that is Google's own hardware. At the best nexus line is comparable to signature windows editions that hp and dell make. nexus is not comparable to surface line at all, it's just signature android. Pixelphone will be a great counter to a surface phone if it ever comes out.

    The truth of the matter is they are just as evil as other major players in the web and consumer technology industry.

    People are too quick to bash this new company Fairphone, for old specs and higher price. Some call it a niche company. I strongly differ, if you consider yourself a thinking, compassionate, decent human being, then avoiding stuff soaked with Nigerian/Chinese/Indian/Bangladeshi tears and blood shouldn't feel like a "niche" thing to you. You shouldn't be so comfortable buying these clothes or smartphones or anything for that matter which has been made available at such attractive price points, only because of continuing wars in mineral rich third world nations, which are suffering these corporate greed funded civil wars because of these very mineral deposits. The same minerals that are used in the circuit boards, chips and "beautiful" "premium" "metal unibody" of your smartphones and ultrabooks.

    I hope people don't mistake me for some internet troll on the payroll of Fairphone or other larger Google adversaries like Microsoft or Apple. Nor i have anything against products made in the thirld world countries. I am from India which for all practical purposes is a third world country. And Fairphone doesn't even manufacture or sell in India. Fairphone is for Europe only, which is good for keeping things local, fair and affordable. Indians should be able to come up with their own sustainable solutions, instead of working as technlogical mercenaries in Multinational tech corporations, moreover i don't see any Sundar Pichais and Satyam Nadellas applying for jobs in this Fairphone company.

    I am targeting Google here not only because of their hypocritical posturing, but because only they have the dominating position and alternative business model strong enough to introduce a "fair" device of their own. Nexus line has never exactly been a commercial success and nor does Google depend on nexus on it's survival, it's just a vanity project to show how great it's software on compatible hardware can be, so why not make it a humanity project to show case how good their software can be on ethical hardware. And whatever happened to project Ara? If Fairphone can do it, then it's hard to believe Google can't do it better or faster. If Google can't be fair than it's killing the spirit of Android itself, the once free, fair and sturdy utility that Andy Rubin created. Android means human like or almost human, it shouldn't be without human values.

    Google, Microsoft and Apple etc, they are just serving the consumer that is us. Billions of people are still living without the Big three. Child porn exists because there are pedophiles. The Big three are just serving their heartless soulless consumers, the consumers who prefer trade ethics of colonial/slavery times but want to be called as a "millenials", the consumer who drinks blood of the hardworking thirdworld labourers from the teats of the Big three and associates. Atleast people who buy diamond rings check twice to see if it's a blood diamond. But those who wear smartwatches what about them? It's a smart thing that phone companies decided to do away with the removable back, in favour of non functional slimness, metal and glass look, for people could have seen their bloodstained internals.

    I will not blame someone for consuming medicinal drugs that were manufactured with unfair labour practices in some foreign country run by a corrupt government. Nor will i blame a man for getting his kid's MRI done in a Phillips or Siemens MRI machine, which may or may not use conflict-free minerals. These uses are urgent and important.I myself have a 20 dollar microsoft/nokia phone, because cellphones are important and making calls can be an urgent situation. But checking facebook or sexting or sharing cat videos is not that urgent nor important. Though some people might find sexting very urgent and important but believe me you can survive without it. How can we call Fairphone as expensive when we as consumers have never paid for a fairtrade device yet? And if you really can't afford to buy a smartphone from a hardware manufacturer that procures raw materials from fair practices and pays it's workers the wages their hardwork deserves, then may be you are not that succesful or wellpaid enough to afford a luxury like a high end smartphones in the firstplace. You should be happy with any device that has gps and 3G connectivity on which text is readable and faces can be identified in video, but make sure it comes from a maker with humane manufacturing practices. If you are relatively poor or underpaid then you should take up the issue with your employer and your clients instead of maligning a company which is trying to do something novel and good, and in the mean time find some other device to distribute unwanted pictures of your private parts in other's inboxes.

    Full disclosure - the only 3 pieces of tech i have ever owned were provided by my father's employer - Lumia 710, Samsung Note 3 neo, Lenovo Y410. Now that I earn enough to be considered successful and my devices can die on me anytime soon (given their age, 9 years, 5 years and 3 years respectively), i have been looking to buy some fair trade pieces of tech for past few months but have not found any maker like Fairphone in India, i don't have much faith in manufacturing practices of the local player Micromax either. So i am stuck.
    05-19-2016 11:05 PM

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