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    Google has already entered in the android related hardware manufacturing with it's Flagship tablet Google Pixel C, which happens to be a notebook that has android OS instead of Chromebook OS. This post tries to explore the possible advantages and disadvantages if Google ever releases a Pixel phone that is manufactured in-house by Google and not by Samsung or HTC etc.

    Main advantages -

    1) Fairtrade supply chain and manufacturing process - This is closest to my heart. Complete control over the process will enable Google to chose it's own suppliers for raw materials and labour friendly Manufacturing sub contracters. Nexus line might be pure android but it's far from anything pure when it comes to ethics. For a company that defines itself by the motto that's worded - "Don't be evil", Google has a long way to go, And frankly is no better than Apple when it comes to labour laws.

    Inspired by success of Fairphone2 i wrote a post about it on androidcentral

    2) The Pixel design -
    Google can further expand on the praiseworthy design language that google showcased with Pixel C tablet.

    3) A device that can stand it's ground against an iPhone or a Surfacephone-
    Nexus line was supposed to be about marriage of software with hardware that can make a machine perform better than other android phones without the baggage of forced crapware and unwanted skins. But sadly Nexus line was never able to prove this point. Compared to other android flagships from makers like LG, Samsung* and HTC, Nexus performs and ages like a midrange device despite being a flagship. Nexus has to move from "good enough" to the "Best". Something Microsoft did manage to do with it's Surface line. Surface pro 4 is not just a good enough Windows convertible but actually the Best. Nexus may be pure android software but it has never been the best android hardware. Here's an article on it -

    Main disadvantages-

    1) Damaging relations with other android hardware manufacturers
    Frankly tablets are a dying breed and Google Pixel C was a premium product with a premium price. Much like Surface line despite its fame, does not effect other windows hardware's global marketshare due to it's high pricing, similarly Google pixel C this did not threaten other android manufacturers, which have many mid range and low range tablets in the market. BUT unlike low profile geeky niche Nexus phones a pixel phone has to be the best android Flagship and this will certainly irk Samsung and HTC.

    2) it will distract other much more important longterm projects of Google-
    Unlike Apple or Samsung, Google is a services, information and OS company, Nexus range is nothing more than a formality and hardly brings Google any money. Hardware is a much more risky and time consuming bussiness. Afterall, Microsoft did manage to keep every competitor (including Apple) in the shadows for decades without ever having to manufacture a single PC itself. For, a long time,* a windows OS CDs remained the only significant hardware Microsoft sold. So, may be a Pixel phone brand may be the best thing for android users but Nexus line is by far the best option for the Google as a company in the long run. Android is still ahead of iOS, macOS and Windowsphone and probably WindowsPC (not including non-geniune windows and XP), so no reason for google to go deeper into harware battle if it's already winning the war.

    So what is your take on it? Do you want a fairtrade Pixelphone, Nexus partnerships or you are happy with Flagships of third party manufacturers Samsung, HTC etc?

    Also, there is no guarantee that the Pixel phone if it ever comes out will be fairtrade, most likely it will be not. In that case you are better off with an iphone or a note i guess. I for one might have to move to europe to buy a FAIRPHONE2.
    07-03-2016 11:21 PM
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    I firmly believe that in the spirit of openness of Android, Google shouldn't be the one to make the market leading Android phone maker. I believe that there is no need for Google to "take control of Android".

    I believe Google already competes with Apple and the iPhone. There is no problem there. A Nexus is already Google's top phone and it already competes with the iPhone. But Android's strength is that Samsung and LG, and Lenovo can compete too. And it even allows Nextbit, OnePlus, and Fairphone to compete as well.

    Hardware isn't Google's core business. Search and data are. The more Android phones out there running Google Play Services, the better it is for Google.

    Be together, not the same.

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    07-04-2016 12:04 AM
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    I don't see the advantage of replacing the Nexus line with a Pixel line unless Google is finally prepared to merge Android and Chrome OS. If they had one OS that worked equally well on mobile devices and high-end desktops, then they'd be fools not to take that fork in the road. So the day you can walk into a Best Buy to check out the latest top-of-the-line CC gaming desktop (across the aisle from the PC desktops) could be the day that Nexus phones will have lost their lease on life.

    Which doesn't mean that I think adding a Pixel phone whose specific difference would be to integrate with Chromebooks and "extend" the functionality of both devices wouldn't be a good idea or an interesting R&D venture. I just wouldn't want Google to kill off the Nexus line for it (no matter how annoyed I am about the rumored 2016 lineup).

    As for adopting Fair Trade manufacturing practices, I'd love to see it happen, and I agree that of the Big Three, the Google brand is probably closer to the spirit of Fair Trade than either MS or Apple. I just don't know enough about manufacturing to weigh in on that. Still, even if Google wanted to go Fair Trade, they'd have to feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputs, only in their case the entanglements keeping them in place (OEM partners, developer communities, Google Play Store, etc.) are their own doing.
    07-11-2016 11:21 AM
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    I feel they should Add a Pixel N to the Pixel line. N of course for Nexus.

    In rebuttal to the second and third comments. I feel it absolutely the right time for Google to make three Nexus. High, mid and low end. Sell directly and really push for quality on the mid to high. They would increase the Android experience for sure. Wether or not they could get the carriers involved is another story. Yes they have done a Nexus that can work on all if them, but this could be viewed differently. I see VZW as the biggest hurdle here. I really do feel it is the time for this. Let's be honest, the smartphone that we know today, wont be what we are using in five years. This way Google calendar. Help steer the market even more.

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    08-07-2016 08:40 AM

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