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    please let me introduce you Alys, my first game for android (it's free)


    Alys is a 2D platformer where you have to help a little girl to find her sister through 4 worlds divided into more than 50 levels. She will have to face many traps and avoid the many enemies... and then face boss.

    The goal for each level is to recover the 3 diamonds, which will open a door leading you to the next level. There are also 4 hidden levels per world: 3 to retrieve the yellow stars, and one for the violet star, which will be a very difficult challenge.

    Don't rely on the childish design of the game, some levels will need all your dexterity and will turn out to be real puzzles.

    Alys for android (platformer / die and retry)-img-20200424-wa0018.jpg

    Alys for android (platformer / die and retry)-img-20200424-wa0015.jpg

    Alys for android (platformer / die and retry)-img-20200424-wa0017.jpg

    Alys for android (platformer / die and retry)-img-20200424-wa0012.jpg

    here is my twitter (for some pictures, videos, and news about the game)


    thanks to all
    05-10-2020 08:12 AM

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