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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Anish and I would like to present to you all an Augmented Reality game Hunt AR.

    Hunt AR is an Augmented Reality Shooting Game and Hunting game in which you hunt the birds in the real world. This game is inspired by the famous video game Duck Hunt which I used to play when I was a kid. The concept is the same you have to hunt down the birds but this time with augmented reality experience.

    Hunt AR is a bird hunting game in the real world. Consider your device like a gun and find the creatures in the AR world and shoot them by pressing the fire button.

    These creatures can spawn randomly anywhere in the real world so be alert. These creatures will come towards you to attack you so kill them before they do.

    The game is available on Google Play:

    The game is developed using ARCore and hence requires devices with android version 7 and above. Also, your device must be compatible with play services for AR.
    Attached Thumbnails [Game] [Free] Hunt AR :  Augmented Reality shooting game-img_2295.jpg   [Game] [Free] Hunt AR :  Augmented Reality shooting game-img_2296.jpg   [Game] [Free] Hunt AR :  Augmented Reality shooting game-img_2297.jpg   [Game] [Free] Hunt AR :  Augmented Reality shooting game-img_2298.jpg   [Game] [Free] Hunt AR :  Augmented Reality shooting game-img_2294.png  

    05-12-2020 01:29 AM

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