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    [Free Game] Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game-logo_e.jpg

    Greetings, folks. I hope everyone stays safe during this difficult time! I am here today to introduce you a roguelike puzzler presented by our studio, LemonSun Entertainment.

    Dungeon Deep is a fast-paced roguelike puzzler that casts you as a dwarf, chasing after gold by adventuring through tombs and caverns.

    It may give people the first impression that it looks like a match-three puzzle game, but it is not. Your dwarf gets 4 types of basic runes, being Weapon, Armor, Potion, and Gold. You can match as many runes of the same type as you want in each turn. Weapon runes are mostly for dealing damage, Armor runes make you bulky, Potion runes are for healing and utility purposes, and Gold runes are for upgrading the other runes. Each rune type has 30+ branches, making a total of 120+ unique runes.

    For a starter, the aim of the game is to survive for as many turns as you can and to find as much gold as you can in each game. After getting familiar with the gameplay and the mechanics of some of the runes, you will start crawling deeper. And eventually, you will find yourself standing in front of scary bosses such as skeleton king, ghost wolf, ancient dragon… Whether it is to punch their ugly faces and rob their precious treasures or to become a dwarf pie on their dinner plate is up to your build and strategy.

    Axe, well polished; potions, freshly brewed; beard, carefully groomed; pants, on. It is now time to Dungeon Deep.



    [Free Game] Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game-preparation.jpg

    [Free Game] Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game-combat.jpg

    [Free Game] Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game-rune.jpg

    [Free Game] Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game-boss.jpg

    [Free Game] Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game-village.jpg

    Key Features

    - Single-player;
    - Roguelike;
    - Fun, Deep, and Challenging;
    - Customizable Character Build;
    - 120+ Unique Skills;
    - Free to Play;

    Contents in Development

    - New icons and artworks to replace the old ones;
    - More skills and more characters;
    - New game modes;


    iOS - Apple Store

    Android - Google Play

    05-22-2020 04:03 AM
  2. Lawlietz's Avatar
    I like this game. You could say this game was inspired by Dungeon Raid, but clearly more than that. Character movement mechanism made me feel different gameplay experience.
    05-25-2020 04:00 AM

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