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    RubikWheels - Fun Rubik’s Puzzle
    By Liban Entertainment

    Game Info:

    Love puzzles or brain games? Here’s the most fun and unique puzzle which is the round version of Rubik's Cube.
    RubikWheels - Fun Rubik’s Puzzle is a fun and challenging brain puzzle game that is a great exercise for your brain. The game is suited for players or puzzle lovers of all age groups. The goal of the game is simple - you must match all wheels to have the same color or just follow the color map, but the catch is that as you move one wheel, the colors in the other wheels change too, so you need to be very careful and thoughtful before making a move with RubikWheels.

    The game is for genius puzzle solvers. Enjoy solving the hardest puzzle of all time. Challenge yourself and test your IQ, or challenge your friends to solve the RubikWheels Puzzle Game. The game comes with multiple game modes -
    - The Rubik Wheels
    - Feast of Colors
    - The Door of Knowledge
    - Chain Reaction (Coming Soon)
    The game difficulty keeps increasing as you unlock new levels and game modes. After solving all puzzles, you can apply for contests and get a chance to win real money starting from a $1,000.

    Game Highlights
    Still looking for features that make “RubikWheels - Fun Rubik’s Puzzle” the most challenging and unique puzzle game? Here are highlights of the game that make it incredible and much better than the classic Rubik’s Cube Challenge -
    ⚙️ Multiple game modes to keep you engaged
    ⚙️ Beautiful and engaging game graphics
    ⚙️ Difficulty increases with more wheels as you advance with levels
    ⚙️ Play with limited moves throughout the game
    ⚙️ Reset and start again at any time
    ⚙️ Free to play

    Are you excited to try it out and challenge yourself? Download this amazing RubikWheels game now to get started.

    Support Us
    We are constantly working hard on making the “RubikWheels - Fun Rubik’s Puzzle” game more entertaining for you by adding new game modes. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems, we will be happy to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “RubikWheels - Fun Rubik’s Puzzle” game, please rate us on the play store.

    Game Video Preview:

    Download link on Google Play:



    06-02-2020 02:53 AM

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