1. vygomobile's Avatar
    Hello, try my new horror game for google cardboard.

    ⭐️ No joystick required

    Put on your cardboard and plunge into the dark underground tunnels and corridors.

    Google play:

    [Paid] [VR] Metro Escape-vr-metro-escape-17.jpg
    [Paid] [VR] Metro Escape-vr-metro-escape-16.jpg
    [Paid] [VR] Metro Escape-vr-metro-escape-14.jpg

    abhishek singh21 likes this.
    08-03-2020 01:21 PM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    cool. i like survival horror games. will definitely give this a try
    vygomobile likes this.
    08-05-2020 01:08 PM

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