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    When archero is defeated in age of calamity, a new hero rises.

    With only a sword and magic in your hand, you will face a fantasy world in Age of Calamity with full of monsters. All archers are defeated. No more archero and we need true heroes here - the "Dashero" with both sword & magic.

    Explore and adventure through various mazes, and challenge hundreds of dangerous monsters, cute animals and big bosses.

    For survival, you can obtain different random skills and combine them for have countless possibilities.

    Create unique fighting styles to break through all the challenges!

    Game Features:
    1. Roguelike smash and hit shooter
    2. Unique combat system - Sword and Magic staff at the same time
    3. Slash attack and long-range magic to defeat different enemies (we have no archer here)
    4. Fantastic and gorgeous 3D world design
    5. Super spectacular battle effects and fights against strange creatures - such as banana monsters and funny animals!
    6. Beautiful and eye-catching character design with unique special combat skills
    7. Play offline and free - We just want you to enjoy the game

    Welcome for any feedback! We'll do our best to make the game better!
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dasherogame
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/treflegame

    Play Store link:
    09-17-2020 03:18 PM

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