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    [FREE] [GAME] Lungo - Difficult Logic Puzzle Game 🧠-main-graphics-960x300.jpg

    It started as a project where I wanted to improve my coding skills. It grew into a game I like to play by myself. Today, I'm releasing it on Google Play.

    Your goal in this game is to drag yellow lines on the game board while fulfilling these three simple rules:

    1. Lines cannot overlap
    2. You must cover all grey dots
    3. Each line has to reach length given by the corresponding number

    That’s it!

    An intuitive tutorial will teach you these simple rules so it is not hard to understand what is the game about. Although the rules are simple, the game may be very challenging or even difficult for some players. As one of the beta testers said: “I would describe it as ‘Difficulty disguised in simplicity’.” Therefore, the game contains a wide range of difficulty levels so that both beginners as well as experienced players will be able to pick the right difficulty level for them.

    Since my budget is very low, I must focus on the game quality and improving the presence of the game on Google Play. To achieve this, I need to gain downloads and good ratings in the first days after the release. I would be really grateful if you tried the game and maybe even wrote some short review on Google Play. It would really help me a lot.
    I greatly appreciate your help!

    09-30-2020 12:51 PM

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