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    Hi all!

    My first small created game - 100 - The 10x10 Game!


    [Free] [Game] 100 - The 10x10 Game!-screenshot_100e.png

    A challenging brain game that will drive you to distraction.
    Try to place the numbers 1-100 in ascending order in a field of 10x10.

    The only rules:
    - 2 fields must be skipped horizontally and vertically
    - 1 field must be skipped diagonally

    Sounds easy?
    Try how far you can go!
    30 years ago (back then on a sheet of paper) it took me over 2 years to reach the maximum high score of 100!

    Additional functions:
    - 3 different levels of difficulty
    - Undo function
    - Help (Display of possible fields)
    - High score

    01-09-2021 12:31 PM

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