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    Real Reckless Racing: Crazy driving 3d game is a whole pack for chill out driving to rush hour crazy driving, we provide you to enjoy big collection of vehicles ranging from sports cars, muscle cars, rally cars and monster trucks, each vehicle will provide you a whole new level of driving and racing satisfaction and keep your wheels burning and engines snarling throughout the crazy race in Arcade mode, time trial or championship mode. Just win races and collect rewards to unlock the beasts and equip yourself for any challenge to cope any situation while racing offroad mountain or performing jumps and drifts while racing.
    Reckless Racing: Crazy driving simulator offers
    1. 15 off road racing Tracks in Arcade Mode with easy, medium and hard modes
    2. Thrilling Asphalt and rough roads with drift drag and jump based crazy Rally Championships
    3. Unlocked Time trial mode for each track for solo race practice
    4. 24 high performance beasts, each with different specs including rally cars, sports cars, muscle cars, old model cars and monster trucks.
    5. Simple smooth controls with acceleration, break and left right stirring options.
    6. How we can forget, yes we have horn to tease your opponents
    7. You can always view what’s going on behind you with a rear view mirror with options of enabling and disabling.
    8. Exciting background sound
    9. A whole bunch of stunts, obstacles, hit and run blind spot jumps while racing
    10. Respawn on track if you are stuck somewhere anytime without ad or coins bait.
    11. Different environments, including bridges, trenches, mountain peaks, offroad grids,tunnels, desert weather, cold weather, green winter and rock valleys.
    Don't forget to review our effort and direct us in the right direction to achieve excellence with your help.
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    02-10-2021 02:42 AM

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