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    [Free][Game] Extreme Volleyball-150_b.png
    I want to introduce you to one of my Android games.

    The game Extreme Volleyball is a variation on the subject of volleyball.

    In this game, players will be robots. And unlike "normal volleyball" instead of the ball will be a bomb. A bomb is known to have a tendency to explode ...
    The purpose of game to blow up a bomb on the territory of the opponent.
    The bomb blows up, if it concerns a floor, there were more than three contacts of a bomb or time of burning of a fuse ended.
    Before starting the game, select the number of bombs and the burning time of the fuse
    The game provides an opportunity to play together on one device.

    Check it out on the playstore:


    [Free][Game] Extreme Volleyball-screen_2.png
    [Free][Game] Extreme Volleyball-screen_3.png
    [Free][Game] Extreme Volleyball-screen_4.png
    [Free][Game] Extreme Volleyball-screen_5.png
    06-22-2021 07:27 AM

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