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    A great number of logic puzzles, brain teasers, mathematic games, memory games, and logical puzzles – all of them are combined in one game. Games don’t require Internet access. Puzzles that help to develop better brain activity and logical thinking. This brain training will be interesting and beneficial for every user.

    Apart from the fact that you can test and train your brain, you will also have fun playing the game. Our game can offer you puzzles of different types that develop your brain in various directions.

    Logical puzzles for memory training. Games for memory training is not just useful but also a convenient way to train your visual memory. It may be difficult to play some games at first. The bigger chain of puzzles the user completes, the more engaging and complicated they become.
    Remember the more you advance, the harder it gets! As the game progresses it becomes more and more challenging to complete the level.
    Enjoy difficult yet rewarding puzzles to stimulate your brain. Solving each puzzle will improve your creativity. Plan your strategy and dominate various puzzles. Maybe one day you'll become the master of puzzles!

    Simple and fun game for kids and adults. Just drag colour rings onto the game board. Build the lines of one colour. Beat the high score and challenge your friends
    Drop the Number

    Blocks with the number are falling down. Stack together blocks of the same number, so they are merged together into higher numbers are created. Merge them to reduce clutter on your game board. The higher numbers on your blocks - the more points you’ll get. More points - higher rating!

    In this game you’ll train your brain and get a lot of fun in the process. There are puzzles that train different aspects of your intellect.

    Please enjoy this amazing puzzle game
    Features of our game:
    ✓Brain training
    ✓Reaction training
    ✓Logical games
    ✓Brain teasers
    ✓Games for mental processing
    ✓Mathematical games
    ✓8 games in 1
    ✓ completely free games
    ✓ Ideal to play in your leisure time
    ✓ Puzzle books to exercise the mind
    ✓ Different levels of difficulty
    ✓Solve word and number games
    ✓For all ages

    8 Different Games in 1 App
    ✓Merged games
    ✓Power Puzzle
    ✓Get 11
    ✓2048 Bricks swipe
    ✓2048 Bricks Tap
    ✓Hexa Puzzle

    The app is consider one of most useful app in 2021.

    Thank you for supporting our game! If you have any ideas feel free to drop us a message with the email address below👇



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    07-23-2021 02:30 PM

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