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    Chickie Dominos, the traditional dominos game also known as "Chicken Foot", has the 3-toe pattern that makes every round of dominos fun! Play all your dominos before your opponent, or your dominos turn into eggs and points count against you! You will be a dominos fan in no time with the 5 minute interactive tutorial, and standard swipe and pinch controls.

    ★★★★ TIPS ★★★★
    - Prompts: you can turn off the prompts text via the Options button.
    - Opponent's dominos count: It's shown at the top of the screen when it's the opponent's turn. Now it's also shown in the score screen too.
    - Score screen: tap the egg in the top left, to get to the score screen at any time.
    - Tutorial: Just use the Back button if you didn't understand or the text scrolled by to quickly.
    - Lots more, in the 5 minute interactive Tutorial! Just tap 'Learn to Play'.
    - Multiplayer did not make it into this release, but it's possible this feature will be added in the future!

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    CD2 Trailer on YouTube
    07-13-2011 01:08 PM