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    Wall of Insanity by VenomizedArt released [GAME]-art-youtube-1.jpg
    Wall of Insanity is a new project from the creators of the Slaughter game series.
    It features a dark storyline, intense action, and a mystical journey into a dead, smoldering world.
    You will face the unknown. A descent into a kingdom of anxiety and madness. The path through the abyss will be difficult, the trek extremely dangerous, and you will be left almost hopeless.
    Wall of Insanity by VenomizedArt released [GAME]-screenshot_2021_07_30_01_58_27fullhd.jpg

    One thing that has made the name of action games from this manufacturer will be the story that opens up full of mystery and intrigue. And coming to the Wall of Insanity will not be an exception. This time, the game developer wants to bring to his players will be a dark, haunting, gloomy story.
    Wall of Insanity by VenomizedArt released [GAME]-screenshot_2021_08_02_01_21_14fullhd.jpg

    The story will start with a mysterious cult operating darkly and dangerously. This cult is suspected of being involved in the dangerous deaths recently found by the police, and an investigation has also been opened.
    But unfortunately, the policemen involved in the investigation are also mysteriously missing. And the only way to find out is that the Special Unit soldiers were brought to the scene and found an empty house. But all the stories will also be delivered through this houseā€¦
    Wall of Insanity by VenomizedArt released [GAME]-screenshot_2021_08_02_03_27_42fullhd.jpg

    A game that gives itself full of the unique identity of the manufacturer will cause a good sympathy for the players to experience. And the Wall of insanity has done its job very well. An amazing shooting action game combined with an engaging story, thrilling action gameplay, and high-quality graphics will definitely bring the most exciting experience to you.

    Key Features:
    - Active battles with the use of firearms. Survival depends on caution, reaction speed, and weapon accuracy. Use elements of the environment itself to escape this horrific world.
    - A journey to another world where fear, sorrow, and madness rule. A diligently crafted, ominous environment, fraught with mystery and danger, lies ahead of you. How far will you dare to go?
    - A plethora of traps and enemies await around every corner. Investigate your surroundings carefully. Don't take unnecessary risks. Study your enemies. Carefully selected tactics will save your ammunition. And your life.
    - Explore the world to replenish and expand your arsenal. Weapons and useful items will be needed. Look for secrets, documents, and workarounds to prevail against all odds.
    - Wall of Insanity features simple controls, gamepad support, good optimization, and a wide graphics customization.


    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...WallOfInsanity
    08-26-2021 03:24 AM

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