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    Hello, I have been looking for a particular game I played back in 2017.
    I can't remember the name so even if it's been taken off the play store I still can't find the apk. I've tried to Google what I can remember about the game but nothing seems to show up so I've come here for help. I'm going to try my best to explain how it was and hopefully someone will remember it.

    So the game was basically a high speed race where you played a 3D Arrow with all sorts of high speed visual effects. The goal was to go as far as you can but it was very challenging because of the speed, visuals and oncoming blocks. Lasting 60 seconds was an achievement in this game. Sometimes a rival arrow would show up and race with you.
    The other noticeable thing was it had words written like C R U S H E D and each letter you clicked was a higher level mode from the previous.

    It was fun but I have tried to search for it as much as I can nothing's shown up. There's a similar game on the play store called crushed as it has an Arrow too but it's not the one I'm after. I tried contacting the developers of this game if they would know but they did not respond. I also checked my app library on play store and app store but it doesn't show up or I don't remember the name.

    Please if anyone knows the game kindly let me know you'll be doing me a bit favour.
    Thank you
    10-30-2021 06:41 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    Welcome to AC!
    See of any members might know
    Avocatto likes this.
    10-30-2021 06:51 PM

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