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    Hi Adventurers,

    Join the adventures of a brave team of sailors caught in an unusual storm. Help them survive in a world full of danger! Explore, build, prepare potions, fight battles and advance! Find out about the terrible events that happened during your absence and help your loved ones!

    A little bit about the game. The Unexpected Quest is a time management game with adventure elements. In their wanderings your team will find new things and become stronger, which means they can go deeper and deeper into unknown lands. Solve riddles, help the locals, build and rebuild settlements. Adventures await you on the coast, in the forests, mountains, and even in the kingdom of fire!

    Get it on 👉 Google Play 👈

    Best wishes,
    rionix team.
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE] [GAME] The Unexpected Quest-en_shot16x9_01.jpg   [FREE] [GAME] The Unexpected Quest-en_shot16x9_02.jpg   [FREE] [GAME] The Unexpected Quest-en_shot16x9_03.jpg   [FREE] [GAME] The Unexpected Quest-en_shot16x9_05.jpg   [FREE] [GAME] The Unexpected Quest-en_shot16x9_06.jpg  

    11-20-2022 04:13 AM

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