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    Update: Check out the Drawdle gameplay trailer!

    Original Post:

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to introduce you all to Drawdle, a new drawing-based physics game. In Drawdle you must draw your own doodles and use them to solve a variety of physics puzzles. The doodle you draw has a direct affect on how well you do, so plan your doodles carefully!

    Download the free version here: Drawdle Lite

    We are looking for feedback and reviews! If you try Drawdle out please let us know what you think! Thanks!
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    07-27-2011 06:43 PM
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    I really enjoyed it on my atrix. Thanks for a fun little game. :-)
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    07-27-2011 10:30 PM
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    Hey all,

    There's been quite a few updates to Drawdle since I originally posted, including HD graphics for tablest and new zooming and aiming features. Also, check out the Drawdle gameplay trailer:

    08-14-2011 05:25 PM

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