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    Papa's Pizzeria the popular online game has arrived on Android! Papa Louie is gone so its your job to run the pizzeria. Take customers orders then top, bake and cut pizzas based on the customers specifications. The customer will grade you on these actions and tip you based on how well the pizza is made. Your score is based on how much tips you've made, as you make more tips you get new ranks. Sounds easy right? Think again! Do you think you can handle the rush and satisfy your customers in this challenging, addictive, time management game? How well can you multitask? Features a worldwide leaderboard, try and become the top pizza chef of the world!

    -Android 2.1 or higher
    -Adobe Flash Player(Most Android devices come with Adobe Flash installed, if your phone doesnt it is available for free download in the Android Market)
    -Internet Connection via Mobile Network(3G/4G/etc.) or Wi-Fi(If you are using mobile network then your phone needs to have a decent signal, game might run slow with weak signal)

    Return Policy:
    After purchasing you will have 15 minutes to return the game for a refund.
    07-30-2011 08:12 PM