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    We have over the summer developed a new kind of gaming concept where you as a user "level up" a character through sports and exercise in real life. Just like a World of Warcraft character, but the only way to "level up" the character and get it to grow is through real sports and exercise in real life.

    If you go to the gym, you get XP and increase your Heroes Strength attribute. Jogging increases the Stamina attribute. Do you like to do Yoga alot? Then your intellect will increase. It's just like a game, but you play it in real life.

    We are now looking for beta testers. The app is currently only on Android (iOS coming later this year).

    Visit Healthy Heroes home and click on "I HAVE THE CODE" and enter the code "androidcentral" to register. The code applies to 100 accounts! First come first served!

    It is important to understand that this is a beta, so feedback, good and bad (preferably bad) is appreciated very much and can be given to us in several ways:

    "In-game" Chat
    Healthy Heroes Forums
    Private messaging and email

    Lead developer and co-founder
    Healthy Heroes home
    08-23-2011 02:09 PM
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    Hey, I'll check this out. Looks similar to the "Epic Win" iPhone app. I really like tying the concept together with a "war" against the alien "Lethargians" as it gives you some motivation. One question tho, as far as motivating people to work out, how does this app differ from a basic to-do list with virtual character-based rewards at the other end? (aka the Epic Win app)

    Also, the only cities I can select are in Bolivia. You should add American cities as well
    08-29-2011 01:54 PM