1. matto87's Avatar
    Hello. I have just published new game to the market. It is called Memory contest. Here is description.

    To finish the game you have to find all pairs in the field.
    There are two game modes: Classic and Time challenge.

    To win at classic mode you have to find all pairs in
    the minimum number of moves.
    The winner is the player that finishes the game fastest.

    In Time challenge mode the number of moves is not important.
    The only things that matters is time, which is measured to one milisecond accurate. Who finds all pairs fastest wins.

    You can check how well you did on the Online scoreboad, where you can find the results of all players that ever played the game and uploaded their results.

    Have fun playing the game!

    Here is link for downloading it from market.
    And here is link to my home page.
    If you need QR code, here it is:

    Try it, its free.
    08-27-2011 03:05 AM