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    Hello!! I'm a student and a self claim indie game developer in Taiwan!!

    me and my friends made a game called "Constant C".. it's on Android Market now.. for free!!

    It's Powered by AndEngine ! and we put a lot of effort in it....

    so Please!! take a look! if you like it.. help us spread the words about this game.. we will be really grateful

    Genre: 2D Platform, Puzzle, Action !

    System Require: Multi-Touch Screen, IQ Above Average

    Tag: Time, Gravity, Awesomeness !

    In a distant future, a dark force gained control of the universe. Everything stopped moving – the time is frozen and gravity is gone. The only hope of recovering the universe relies on “Constant C,” a robot gifted with a small circle of power, allowing Constant C to move and to revive the time and gravity within the circle. When Constant C approaches an object, the object becomes “alive” and when Constant C leaves, the object becomes frozen again. By making good use of Constant C’s power, your mission is to remove obstacles ahead and find a way for Constant C to reach the control center of the dark force.

    There are 29 levels. To solve the puzzles, you need to be intelligent and creative. Each puzzle gives you a new experience, and along the way, your will learn important skills that can help you solve the puzzles. The unique feature of Constant C will give you a mind blowing experience. So, be quick! The universe is waiting for you.

    Developer:Brain Damage Studio

    Powered by AndEngine

    Trailer :

    Market Link : link https://market.android.com/details?id=com.light.roller
    10-02-2011 01:32 PM