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    Free games - Tac-Star & Tac-Star Deluxe

    SONIQ (www.soniq.com.au) has released two arcade and action games, Tac-Star and Tac-Star Deluxe.

    SONIQ's games SONIQ's games on the Android Market!

    These two games are easy to play games where the object is to capture planets
    with your space ships before the computer opponent does so.

    Tac-Star is fast paced and requires nimble fingers to beat your opponent with 50 different
    planetary level layouts. Each planet held generates new space craft for you to capture planets

    Tac-Star Deluxe is a more gently paced game where you can build star bases to build more space ships, industry
    to help build ships quicker and defenses to prevent the enemy from capturing your planets so easily. Also with
    50 levels and a much gentler difficulty curve than the original.

    Hope you enjoy these two games from SONIQ.

    Screenshots and Market links below.


    Tac-Star Deluxe

    Visit our website here: SONIQ
    10-05-2011 08:46 PM