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    Get it free here - https://market.android.com/details?i...play.spaceleap

    Leap through space in 63 stunning levels
    Bring the wonders of the cosmos to your screen with this stunningly beautiful space puzzler.
    ** Iphone version featured on the US app store on launch**
    ** Iphone version featured by OpenFeint FGOTD**

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    Your planet is decaying and to survive you must guide it through space to a new home. Collect the glowing life essence crucial to sustain life as you jump from star to star in search of a vibrant new galaxy.
    Space leap features 3 zones and 63 levels with more on the way. The soothing music and eye catching graphics complement the simple yet absorbing orbit-jumping and puzzle game play mechanic.
    Tap on a suns gravity field to perform a space jump and orbit around that sun. String together orbit jumps to reach the target Sun in each level. Its not as easy as it sounds though- BEWARE: unstable exploding suns, gorgeous but deadly nebulae, slingshot suns with weak gravity fields, asteroid belts, wormholes.
    And all this before you even get to the second zone. Thats when it starts to get really interesting! Unlock zone 2 GreenStar by completing 21 levels of PinkSmoke to find out.
    The quicker you finish the levels the higher your score. To really push yourself and become a true Master of the Universe try collecting all three life orbs in each level.
    Looking for reasons to try out Space Leap? Here are a few:
    Space Leap brings the beauty of the cosmos to your device featuring stunning graphics with full retina support. The game takes a break from the usual cartoony graphics found on the app store and boasts of a refreshingly original style that is guaranteed to be a feast for your eyes.
    All you have to do to perform an orbit jump is tap on a target suns gravity field. However, like most classic games that are easy to pick up but hard to master, Space Leap adds depth to this simple game play mechanic by throwing various factors such as asteroid belts, unstable suns, sling shot suns, wormholes and nebulae into the mix.
    Remember- timing is key and a tap at the correct time is the difference between a successful orbit jump or ending up as space dust!
    Space Leap supports open feint so you can compare high scores and challenge your friends across multiple leader boards. See if you can unlock the 22 achievements and cement your place as the greatest space leaper there ever was.
    Space Leap has 3 zones and 63 levels with more on the way which means hours of puzzlingly relaxing fun for less than a buck.
    "The visuals have a clean, colorful feel, and the music is appropriately ambient. Space Leap seems to strike the balance between tough puzzler and soothing diversion." - Pocket Gamer
    "Its great gameplay, and theres plenty of it there..... Theres some real nice ambient music in there, which compliments the gameplay by really focusing ones heart, body and mind....Definitely give Space Leap a look." - 148apps
    "A great entry into the AppStore, Space Leap is a soothing, challenging, and distinguished game app with a great art design and even better level designs. There is a lite version you have no excuses." App Safari
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    Get it free here - https://market.android.com/details?i...play.spaceleap
    10-18-2011 05:24 AM