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    Hello everyone,

    Let us introduce ourselves. This is the Rapid Eye Movement a newly established game developer studio in Vancouver, BC, and we're proud to announce our entrance to the games industry with our debut title "Ounce Bounce".

    Ounce Bounce follows the story of Ounce the owl on his adventure to be reunited with his mom.
    After falling down a well by accident, little Ounce soon realized he should've paid more attention during his flight training lessons, but not all hope is lost. Luckily for Ounce, the well spirits (you) have decided to try and help him make his way out of the well and back to his mom.

    At the moment, we're working on the programming of the game, tweaking the physics engine, and the creation of our art assets. The game will run on both IOS and Android devices, with a target for a release in early November.

    For now, check out some concept art that led us to the final character design of our bluish owl.
    What do you guys think? We'd like to hear your opinions.

    Also we'll be releasing some gameplay screenshots over the next few days so keep checking back.

    Rapid Eye Movement
    10-18-2011 04:05 PM
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    Hey everyone,

    We've been working hard this last week and we thought we'd update you on our progess.

    After Ounce's detachment from his mother, he continues to plummet deeper into the well. As he falls further and further, he hears a loud, terrifying rumbling from the walls. It appears that the well has caved in from above, but the only way out is up. Your objective is to get Ounce to safety by making it past the bricks that have trapped him inside, but whatever you do, don't let Ounce fall any further into the darkness.

    You, as the mysterious well spirits, have the power to drag and launch Ounce in order to help him escape, but be careful, you can only hold onto him for a brief moment. To aid in this venture, you have the ability to create explosions and forcefully pushing bricks out of the way. It is your choice whether you want to weave Ounce through the bricks, or destroy them by launching him straight into them. Ounce Bounce relies heavily on the touch screen, as your dragging is depicted by white streaks. We have added finger icons to demonstrate the touching/dragging that the player would do.

    We've also implemented a dynamic level generation system, which will ensure that no two levels will look the same and allows the game to continually generate as you play. This seemed like a much more appealing approach than the standard implementation of pre-set level structures, and it will allow us to create some intriguing level designs. We are still working on this system, and although the basic framework is there, we will continue to expand on this to create even more enjoyable surroundings.

    Here are a few screen shots from the game showcasing some gameplay elements.

    Warning: Do not cause large explosions in enclosed spaces

    What do you guys think? We value any feedback that we get.
    10-24-2011 12:19 AM
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    I like the art. The game looks cool. I'll try it out when it's ready.

    Drunk texted from my CM7 Bolt
    10-24-2011 08:21 AM