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    Crime Story it's a classic tale. An immigrant comes to a new land with nothing but the clothes on his back and a determination to forge a better life, one way or another. And so it is in Crime Story, the new social game that challenges you to discover the fate of your missing brother while rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld to become a respected Big Boss. But a classic tale does not a classic game make, and this one turns out to be pretty flat.

    I had high hopes when I first fired up Crime Story. It opens with an impressive montage of black and white "photos" telling of a loving and protective brother and son who decided to seek a better future in America. The game itself looks great too, with a colorful and highly-detailed isometric view of the seedy New World. Things start off at the Port, a shipping zone packed with trucks, containers, a giant crane and some pretty seedy buildings, but you'll also travel to a Big Park, the Northern Central neighborhood and, "coming soon," the Docks and "Residence." It's also got an impressively gangsta backbeat that really sets the mood for some hard knocks on mean streets.

    I'm not even sure what's really happening in these battles, because everything is entirely automatic. I've never lost a fight so I guess I'm doing pretty well, but I don't feel like I've actually accomplished anything because it's 100 percent autopilot. I even spent some time running around beating up everyone in sight just to find out what would happen. The short answer is, nothing. I won every time and everybody seemed happy to let me do it.

    Interactions with other characters in the game are limited to the aforementioned fighting, plus stealing from them and talking to them. I went on a pickpocketing spree, with results pretty much identical to those of my assault and battery rampage: plenty of picked pockets, not one single failure and no consequences of note. I stood behind one poor guy and picked his pocket at least a half-dozen times, scoring money, energy and experience every single time, but I eventually started to feel bad for him and took my show on the road.


    10-20-2011 08:25 PM