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    Fresh & new Game Development team from Romania, RomBots Team is delighted to present you Alien Rescue - Episode 1.
    The first in a series of three, our game is a top down shooter, where the roles are reversed: you are the alien out on a mission to rescue his friends marooned on the weird and strange planet Earth.

    Alien Rescue features impressive 2d style graphics with great art direction and special effects. Battle your way through 6 levels on 3 difficulties of a developing Story Mode and alternatively take up the Free Mode challenge, where you face incoming waves of angry natives.
    Use the tractor beam to pick up fellow aliens, but also cows and crates, and hurl them out at those trying to stop you. The game features over 10 distinct weapons and power-ups, from classics such as The Gatling Gun, Missiles and Laser Beam to the more exotic EMP, Explosive Cow and Weapon Steal.

    The Game is compatible with a wide range of Android devices starting with Android 2.1, with an iOS version planned for future release. Alien Rescue - Episode 1 will be invading your smartphones starting October 25, 2011.
    Just search: "Alien Rescue" on the Android Marketplace starting october the 25th or visit RomBots Team | Android & Mobile Game & App Development and download it for free.

    Download the presskit: www.rombotsteam.com/press/alienrescue.zip
    Market: https://market.android.com/details?i...lienRescue.Ep1

    10-25-2011 09:34 AM