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    Hello everybody,
    we're proud to announce our second game (after Herculaneum) online on the Android Market since few days.
    The idea starts from the classic game Tic Tac Toe but we have changed rules, board and signs. Now, one could use up to four different tank instead of a simple O or X. Why tanks? Well, after a positioning phase in which one could classically make its own trio (make three points) with its own tanks, an attack phase will start.
    Then, during the attack phase, players could shot each other, by turn, to improve theirs score and win the game.
    So when positioning one could also think about the shot phase. It's not so a stupid game, now!

    Here some screenshot:

    A set of nice features make the game worth to play:
    - 4 tanks, one with its special move
    - 4 different backgrounds and musics
    - play versus a friend or versus Android
    - three levels of AI to challenge Android
    - a global scoreboard where one can put its score made versus the AI;
    - an achievements list; when you reach a fixed amount of points (in more than one match), you can unlock the prize;
    - post your score on facebook, myspace, twitter
    - more is coming!

    Here the QRCode to the Android Market:

    Well, I hope you could enjoy the game and we're waiting for suggestions!!! (Don't forget to rate the game with stars on the market, if you like it).

    10-30-2011 03:12 PM
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    We also have prepared a video of a game play with the full version (in italian, but it's easy to understand however):


    11-06-2011 05:40 AM