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    Toon Ball - a puzzle game in which players have to move many convolutions of the brain to reach the portal. The game has no levels that are impossible to pass. Your assistants will be only your wits and virtual force of gravity. Levels of thought so that they can be solved in several ways. Free physics subjects will help to forget about our everyday life and immerse yourself in a simple and perfect the game world. Cheerful music help you relax.

    Manage the gameplay is very simple, all actions are performed with one finger. You will have a number of static and dynamic objects. During the game, consider the force of gravity, this will help avoid errors. The game contains two episodes of 20 levels each. All levels are different from each other. The principle of game is very simple, you need to deliver in any way the scope of the portal. Destroy the objects with your finger, change the trajectory of the sphere in the right direction. In some levels need to change the trajectory when the sphere moves, but not when it is at rest, of this game is a dynamic and interesting.
    By the way the sphere can be replaced with other shapes (smiles, heart, etc.), this possibility You will find in the setup menu, you'll also find off the sound effects and music. During the game you will see the gun, buttons, wall to break, the fans creating wind, etc. In all subjects the features, which you can guess yourself in the game.
    Good luck.

    available in Android Market

    10-31-2011 06:09 PM