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    Caution, it is not yet another basic Trivia game but a truly new way to play and learn with Wikipedia

    Bugdrod is a clumsy drod, help him to read his Wikipedia book stained with ink !
    A Wikipedia page is displayed but there are some hidden contents (with ink stains). You have to guess which subject it is (characters, places, objects and so on)

    You can answer directly (keyboard or voice recognition), otherwise you can be helped with a few letters of the current topic title or with 4 propositions. Sometimes, you get a joker to show an image related to the current subject.

    2 game-modes :

    ★ Trophy challenge : The goal is to win trophies (Bronze, Silver, Gold) for each available thematic portals .

    ★ Ranking Challenge (online leaderboard): The goal is to get the best score in a limited time (3min).

    Based on the world largest encyclopedia, Trivial Wiki is going to be one of the biggest trivia android game : already more than 10 000 topics, in 7 portals (General knowledge, Science/Technology, Arts, History, Geography, Sport and Dictionary).

    You can enhance your knowledge by reading the original Wikipedia page for each topics : a good way to learn with fun !

    Thematics already in english game :
    -FIFA 100 : A list of the 125 greatest living players at that time.
    -Nationals Capitals
    -Award-winning films (from 1927 to 2010)
    -Marvel Comics superheroes
    -Award-winning TV series (from 1990 to 2010)
    -Grammy Awards winners (all times)
    -U.S. states and capitals
    -Chemical elements
    -Lakes and rivers of the world
    -Disney animated movies and characters
    -Guess the year from events (from 1900 to 2011)
    -Human anatomy
    -Sexual positions, acts and toys
    -Astronomy : constellations
    -Internet memes
    -NBA All-Stars players
    -Best-selling video games
    -English idioms(Guess an english idiom according its definition)
    -Gold Glove Award winners (baseball)
    Each week, new thematics will be available, so tell us what thematics you would like !
    11-04-2011 04:36 AM
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    thanks you.good game
    11-04-2011 05:14 AM