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    FREE ENTERTAINMENT at its best - if you're anything like me, and I hope for your sake you're not, there have been countless times when you've gotten so annoyed with your Android device you wanted to yell, scream, and generally hurl obscene abuse at it. Right?

    ROIdS uses speech recognition (sound familiar, iPhone 4 users?) to respond intelligently, irreverently and insultingly to whatever you say to (or shout at) it.


    ROIdS Jr adapts to and learns from the user, its huge vocabulary constantly evolving as it jokes, jibes and jests - with a few surprises thrown in along the way!

    Rated 5/5 on both Android Market and SlideMe, ROIdS might not be as intelligent as Siri (although then again, it might be) but it's definitely a lot more FUN!!

    Android Market


    Spot the difference:

    Also available - ROIdS AdULT (Uncensored)
    11-08-2011 06:42 PM