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    I released my first Game on Android Market.
    History is very simple.

    In the spring I got my fresh new Samsung Galaxy (even before it was released on market) and started to having fun. Besides normal Angry Birds and other usual games, I was trying to seek for good nice strategy games. I googled all over the internet but except UniWars didn't found any game I was looking for. But UniWars was for money, so I was inspired by lack of turn based games which remind about old good Panzer class games, so I decided to make my own game for myself.
    1. To get to know tablet more
    2. To learn Android more then I was learning in my direct job, which was not about games.
    3. To get strategy game I like to play myself.

    So last week I introduced my work on market... and it is for free (ads there).
    Also I ported it to 2.2 so it now works for phones to... price is loosing some "coolness" of tablet.


    Of course game lacks the professionalism of commercial projects, but hey... you have to start somewhere. :
    11-09-2011 02:56 AM