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    Heya Community,

    I'd like to suggest a game that's called Marble Mania. It was suggested to me via an app called opinionaided by another user (kinda nice app too give it a try some time). here's the market discription :

    Marble Mania: puzzle-golf for skilled players!
    Puzzle-Golf is a brand new gaming experience!
    Solve the levels by using the moveable objects to land on target.
    There are plenty of ways to solve each level!
    Master your skills to reach the ultimate success : A one shot hit on target!
    Become a true marble maniac!
    - brand new and exclusive for your android system!
    - over fifty fun level (and more to come!) waiting for you to be solved
    - several hours of gaming experience with local highscore saving
    - support a small hard working independent duo :-)

    Basically you have to shoot a marble on a target. What's so kool about it, is that you can place the obstacles the way you want. So there are mutiple ways to solve a level. Check it out it's really worth it. Here's the market link :


    Hope you enjoyed my first report. More will follow soon! :-)
    11-15-2011 04:08 PM