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    We wanted you all to know that ClimbWalls Software just released an awesome tabletop roleplaying aid called Pocket Game Master.

    "Pocket Game Master (PGM) is a full featured android app tailored to Game Masters and players of almost any role-playing game.

    While fully functional for players, Pocket Game Master really shines in the hands of the Game Master. PGM allows the game master to not only create a complete adventure right from their device, but to run that adventure from the device as well!
    Of course, players can use this for their character sheets, map dungeons, jot down dungeon notes, and use the dice."

    Best of all you can network between devices and interact in real time through Wifi or Bluetooth!!

    -Make, view and save 20 character sheets at a time.
    -Interactive stats allowing for in-game use, like tapping on damage to roll damage dice.
    -Write an adventure from scratch, add pictures, music, web content and more.
    -Basic dungeon map creating with unlimited undo/redo even AFTER saving.
    -Initiative roller
    -Complete dice bag
    -Ability to customize most input to match your campaign. Including stat names, stat bonus, feat/skills/spell lists, classes, effects, "to hit" and "initiative" dice, just to name a few.
    -3 user countdown fields and 3 user saving throw fields per character. This allows for deeper campaign customization.
    -Full help manual
    -Networking to share character's info instantly. For example, if a monster hits a player for 3 damage, the Game Master can input the damage once, and the player's sheet will automatically update!

    On your android device you can follow these links straight to the DEMO or FULL for $2.99.

    Here are some screen shots:
    12-29-2011 06:49 PM