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    Pluto's Revenge is about Pluto's reaction to the news that he is no longer a planet The demo version allows you to play as Earth or Mercury in the Quick Play mode so you can get a sense of the game. The full version will allow you to unlock the other planets and fight Pluto himself. My friends tell me the game is fun, challenging and addictive, so I hope it lives up to their comments.

    Here is a little story line to go along with the game, the full version includes a short comic as well. Enjoy and Happy New Year

    The 9 planets were a close group of friends, but Pluto always felt a little like the ugly duckling. He was nowhere near as big as Jupiter, and though he was not much smaller than Mercury, at least Mercury had the distinction of being first and the closest to the Sun. Meanwhile, Pluto was overshadowed by his gas giant neighbors at the edge of the Solar System.

    Then in a secret meeting of the planets that did not include Pluto, it was decided that Pluto should no longer be considered a Planet at all. Earth was primarily responsible for the decision, saying that the definition of a planet should be made more rigid for scientific purposes. Earth was the thinker of the group. At first, Venus and Saturn felt bad about the decision, but then they thought Pluto might actually feel better if he did not have to try so hard to live up to high planet expectations.

    Well they could not have been more wrong. Pluto took the news very badly and decided that he would declare himself ruler of the Asteroids and then he set out to teach the Planets a lesson. Perhaps a show of force will convince them that I am more than worthy to be a planet, Pluto thought.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use a combination of four unique weapons to assist the planets in warding off a hail storm of asteroids. You will also wield the individual powers of the planets themselves. And beware, aside from Plutos plot, Mars has decided to start his own take over and sends a flying saucer fleet against the solar system. If you can survive to the end you will face Pluto in a final battle royal.

    So get set and get ready to smash, repel, teleport and zap away at UFOs and asteroids in this chaotic clash that will transport you from your own planet all the way to the edge of the Solar System.

    *See the International Astronomical Union for details.
    01-03-2012 11:04 AM
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    If you've tried this game and have any comments for me please send me an email, thanks!
    Pluto's Revenge
    01-06-2012 08:40 AM