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    Try to punch the pig as hard as you can. If you are really good you will be able to turn the pig into bacon. Are your punches strong enough to make that happen?

    Grasp your device firmly with your hand and press play. Punch in any direction as soon as you see the flashing PUNCH NOW! text on the screen. When youre done you can see how much you have damaged the pig. The score is shown in the lower part of the screen. There is also a Punch Meter in the upper left corner of the screen which indicates the strength of your punch. Enter your name after the punch so everyone can see that YOU are the ultimate champion!

    *Images of the damaged pig are automatically calibrated according to the sensitivity of your accelerometer. We consider that the images are well calibrated after approximately 10-15 punches. If you want to recalibrate the images just clear the high scores list. We implemented image calibration so every user is able reach the last Bacon Punch image. Please understand that different devices have different accelerometers.

    *Endless replayability
    *Local high scores
    *Simple and fun gameplay
    *Beautiful graphics
    *Punch meter
    *Cool UI
    *Throughout a very fun experience!

    Great drinking game when you are partying with your friends. Try to compete with them and see who is the strongest!

    Download this game for free from the Android Market or SlideME:
    Bacon Punch | SlideME
    01-22-2012 05:14 AM