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    Hi everyone. We have just finished and launched our first Android game.

    Part 3: Dodge the Dots is the first game of the 4 part 'Dots Saga'. You play as Hover, the hero. He is in constant battle with his arch nemesis, Dotman.

    Hover has attempted to follow Dotman to discover his secret headquarters, but he is caught. Technology these days makes criminal compounds really hard to sneak up on, with all the camera's and motion sensors available on the market...

    After being caught, he is forced to make it through Dotman's gauntlet. There are 10 levels to this gauntlet. Fortunately, Dotman gives Hover an edge, but this edge has a cost. He receives power-ups that take away from his score. But if he doesn't use these power-ups, he is rewarded greatly at the end of each stage. Massive bonuses are rewarded for not using items.

    This game is all about score. Our scoring system is based on how close to the cannons Hover is. The closer you are, the higher the multiplier you receive is. Up to 4x points per second.

    We have incorporated the use of the accelerometer in a unique way. Be careful not to throw your phone.

    We can't wait to have competitions with this game once we launch our global leaderboards. We have spent countless hours working on this game to ensure that it will not be boring. If it does get boring (which it shouldn't), we have 7 updates that we will be launching over the next few months, in order to bring the replay value right back up. Going for viral in the Market. Help us get there.

    Here is a link to the market. Part 3: Dodge the Dots

    Thanks guys and enjoy.

    Joseph Truax
    Gr8erMinds LLC
    PerSer Corp
    Rag Tag Games LLC
    01-29-2012 05:17 AM