1. earthcrosser's Avatar
    I just read the post for Rising Empires, looks very cool, and anyway decided to share a link to my Space Strategy Game Earth vs. Mars. It's a simple space strategy game, where the goal is to build a fleet fast enough and strong enough to gain the upper hand and destroy the opposing planet. You may choose from four different types of ships to build and you can set them to either attack or defend.

    It's still in it's early versions and there's a lot of functionality I want to add and I've got a ton of feedback already, so I'm not really pushing the full version yet, b/c I don't want anyone to feel like they didn't get their one dollars' worth, but if you do decide to get the full version then you can play as Mars and there's an experimental 2 player level that I think will work nicely for tablet users.

    ok well enjoy
    02-02-2012 02:40 PM
  2. Scott Foltz1's Avatar
    Hi I was wondering what happend to your old game earth vs Mars loved the game is there any way I could still get it
    03-14-2016 09:47 PM