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    Hey Android Community!

    Seven Leaf has ventured into the mobile gaming arena with the release of two new free games. If you like strategy and survival games, be sure to check out our new game for Android 2.1+ called Snake Gladiator. If you like basketball and physics, be sure to check out Frog Basketball.

    In Snake Gladiator, you can play Classic Snake or a fun variation of the original game. In gladiator mode you will battle to survive in an arena filled with moving walls, coins / bonus items, and caveman enemies looking to stop your progress! The goal of snake gladiator is to obtain the most amount of points. Snake Gladiator integrates with Parse.com to bring you a global high scores system. Compare your scores locally on your phone or battle it out with friends worldwide to see who can obtain the highest score.


    Frog basketball uses simple physics to bring you a simple, yet hard to master basketball game. Flick a frog with your wrist to try and land him within a basketball hoop. Game features retro graphics and a shrinking goal! You will age as time progresses which in turn causes the basketball goal to shrink and become further away. The faster you swipe, the more velocity the frog with travel with!


    As always, we are looking for feedback to improve our games. Please feel free to reply to this or leave a comment for the game. We hope you enjoy the games!

    - Paul
    02-05-2012 01:48 PM