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    After more than half a year of development on my spare time I am very happy to finally release my puzzle game Zerofall! I love puzzle games and I have really tried to put all that love into something new. I wanted to make something new, with fresh ideas and Zerofall is the result.

    Zerofall throws the player into a world of numbers. Tiles with numbers will keep falling from the top and the main target is to remove existing tiles on the board. Tiles are removed by sliding the new tiles to existing ones and changing them to become zero - that's why this is Zerofall! With an increasing difficulty and many levels to clear I hope that this game will keep the players busy for a long time!

    I would be really happy if you check out my game! Here are some screen shots to show what it is about:

    The game is available for free on Android Market:

    The free version is supported by ads. There is also a deluxe version with many more levels (55 instead of 25) and no ads available on Android Market:

    If you want to read more, please feel welcome to the Zerofall Facebook page! Like it to keep updated about the game!

    Here are some comments about the game from players:

    • Tetris and Sudoku had a child! Very addictive. Love the music.
    • Coolest dropdown in years! Captivating simple math drop down tiles.
    • Fresh! A nice and genuinely new game with fresh ideas. Two thumbs up!

    If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, never hesitate to contact me here or at pugo@zerofall.org!
    02-12-2012 04:36 PM
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    Hi all! I just want to mention that Zerofall was upgraded yesterday to version 1.4. Please take some time reviewing the game on Market if you like! That will help me improve the game!

    It's very hard to be seen among all games and as an indie game developer I can't spend lots of money on advertising. So if you like Zerofall, please tell your friends about it! This far I have gotten positive responses from my users, so I really hope that more people will see Zerofall!

    You are also very welcome to the new Facebook Zerofall page!

    The new features in this release are:

    • Game settings are now stored on SD Card. This makes settings persist if you upgrade to Zerofall Deluxe!
    • Several pause related bugs are fixed. It should now be possible to pause, go stand by and then resume.
    • Removing last tile on a board when penalty bar is full will now mean a win, not penalty.
    • Small adjustments of penalty bar speed on higher speed levels, making it slightly easier.
    • Improvements of graphic transitions when changing levels.

    Just nag me if you have any questions!
    02-16-2012 03:38 AM
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    Here is a little update on what's cooking in the Zerofall kitchen. As you might have seen there has since release been a disabled arcade mode button in the main menu. When pressing this button a small message have been displayed, telling that arcade mode will be enabled in the coming weeks. I know that some of you have been waiting on the arcade mode, so here is some update on this.

    The first thing that has been added since last release is score counting. This is visible on puzzle levels, in arcade mode and even in tutorial mode. The score will count up when tiles are removed, based on various factors, such as current speed, if the tile was dropped quicker (by sliding down) and a bonus multiplier. The bonus multiplier increases when you remove 2 or 3 tiles at same time (increases with 2 and 3) and is reseted if you remove only one tile. This will further encourage planning! Everything is visible in the top bar, which have been face lifted a bit.

    To give some real purpose to your scores we have added Scoreloop support. Scoreloop is an on-line high score system with social functions. It will also give the possibilities to add achievements to Zerofall! Won't it be nice to brag on Facebook that you finally passed level 35?

    Then finally about the arcade mode. The arcade mode we currently work on is the first arcade variant for Zerofall. We might add more arcade modes further on for more variants of the game play. The arcade mode will keep many aspects of puzzle levels, but the target is to reach high scores, not to clean the board. When the penalty bar reaches the top it will push up new tiles as before, but it will not increase speed (or level as it is called in arcade mode). It is still good to remove multiple tiles to get the penalty bar down and more importantly to get the bonus multiplier up! But getting a full penalty bar in arcade mode is no big panic, as on puzzle levels, it is actually quite normal. As a matter of fact the push ups from a full penalty bar is the main way to get more tiles to struggle against in arcade mode. You might ask when the level (the arcade mode variant of the puzzle level speed) increases? The level is increased after a certain number of removed tiles. This means that it will increase during your play, but not connected to the penalty bar.

    Hope this little insight will make you eager to try out the new arcade mode that will come soon! We have some more features to implement and lots of testing to do, but hope to release this to you in the coming weeks!
    02-29-2012 05:46 PM
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    I am very happy to finally release the update that adds the promised arcade mode!

    At least this update adds a first beta version of it, so it might be tweaked some when I get feedback. As a one man developer I can't hire a testing department, but I have something better, lovely players like you that give me response. <3

    The main news in the new version is:

    • Arcade mode! Hope you will have fun with it! Might be tweaked some the coming days.
    • Score counting in all modes.
    • Score bonus multiplier, increasing when removing multiple tiles, making score increase faster!
    • Information about finished levels are stored better than before.
    • A new background song!
    • Many smaller graphics improvements.
    • 5 new easy beginners levels.
    • Lots of smaller fixes.

    I hope you try out this new version of Zerofall, available for free on Android Market!

    You can find it here:
    03-09-2012 05:14 PM
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    Hi all!

    Just wanted to mention that I have updated Zerofall.

    The new things are:
    • Scoreloop support: Your high scores will now be submitted to the world wide high score service Scoreloop, which means that you can compare your scores with your friends or the whole planet! If you by any reason don't want this it can be disabled in the settings.
    • A bug made it possible to continue to play deluxe levels in the free version when reaching the level cap. Sorry, but this is now fixed. :P
    • Many smaller graphics improvements.

    As some players have reached level 60 in Zerofall Deluxe, which is a real effort, I will focus on adding more levels now, for next release. I will also start looking into adding Scoreloop achievements to Zerofall.

    Have fun!
    04-17-2012 06:29 AM
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    I Have just updated Zerofall! The major change is a total graphics overhaul, but also arcade mode difficulty tweaks, 15 new puzzle levels and some smaller bug fixes.

    Here are some pictures of the new look!

    04-27-2012 07:48 AM
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    Hi again!

    Just wanted to mention that a Zerofall 3.1, which is out now, has some nice new things!

    Most importantly this new version has 10 more puzzle levels, which gives a total of 85 puzzle levels.

    This new version also fixes some issues with the Scoreloop support. Previously, if you rejected the Scoreloop terms which are shown at first Scoreloop access, you was left in a void where you could not regret this and accept the terms later on. This now works better.

    I hope Zerofall will give you some good fun this summer!
    06-20-2012 12:14 PM
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    If you want to try Zerofall it is available for free on Google Play:


    And the Deluxe version with all levels is sold cheap there as well:

    06-20-2012 12:17 PM
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    Hi again!

    Here are some info on what has happened with Zerofall in the latest upgrades:

    • 10 more levels!
    • Two new nice songs!
    • Scoreloop achievements!
    • Removed annoying ads from free version. Please consider buying Zerofall if you want to support the development!
    • Many bug fixes.

    Hope you have fun playing my little game! If you like it, please consider reviewing it on Google Play! It really helps making the game more seen.
    09-14-2012 04:00 AM