1. Jimieo's Avatar
    On my iPod I have all 3 of the Angry Birds games and nearly completed every task with each. *** soon as an issue with Sprint is sorted out I'm getting an Android phone. My dillema is I do not want to redo everyyythiiiing lol.

    Does anyone know where I can find saves for it? lol
    02-18-2012 07:02 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    I don't think there is any way for you to pull your angry birds game data over from your iPod.
    02-18-2012 07:37 PM
  3. Jimieo's Avatar
    You would be correct. :\ Hoping I can find some Android saves.
    02-18-2012 07:41 PM
  4. PeterRedBird's Avatar
    just visit an angry birds walkthrough site and get 3 stars on all levels in no time. you'll get access to the bonus levels as well.

    edit: sorry I missed it was an old thread!
    01-08-2013 05:47 AM
  5. Jimieo's Avatar
    I had forgotten I made this thread until I got the e-mail notification haha.

    I was able to move my highscore.lua and settings.lua from my iPod to my S3 without a problem months ago.
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    01-08-2013 05:52 AM
  6. PeterRedBird's Avatar
    can you share the way? I have a couple friends that would help them.
    01-08-2013 06:02 AM
  7. Jimieo's Avatar
    If both of their devices are rooted/jailbroken it will be quite simple.

    on the iOS device you can use iFile and go to the game folder and get the highscores.lua and settings.lua and do like I did and send them to dropbox. From there just copy them to your SD card on your new device (or download to your device) and use a root explorer app to put them in the appropriate folder.

    Hope that helps.
    01-08-2013 06:15 AM