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    The team which I'm a part of, Starchaser Studios is about to release a new mobile game, a 3D puzzle platformer.

    Uplift is a steampunk flavoured, fantasy themed game for both Android and iOS.. The game is pretty much a family friendly hybrid between a puzzle game and a platformer. Most of the quests require both your wits and your attention.

    Here are some screenshots to get you more familiar with the concept:

    We've also made a promo movie for the earlier version of the game (the graphics have evolved since):

    I've posted this not only as a promotional stunt, but also for an honest opinion and a piece of advice. The final game will be free and, although we've payed some of our contributors already and we also acquired some of the used assets, we've still started a campaign on IndieGoGo ( Uplift: An Android and iOS adventure -- IndieGoGo ).

    One of my questions is: is there any other way of getting financed for this sort of thing? And when I say ''this sort of thing'', I say ''indie games which have taken considerable time and effort to make''.

    Uplift isn't our only project, but it's the closest one to a viable release date.
    02-19-2012 05:16 AM